J&L Sanchez, Inc. is an experienced Electrical Contracting Company and Audio/Visual Contractor.  We have an excellent track record of quality, safety and integrity which ensures your electrical installations proceed smoothly and on time.  From extensive service packages to commercial and residential renovations, you can trust your project to some of the finest skilled electricians available anywhere.

In February 2002, Jarrett Sanchez (President) and Lisa Sanchez (V.P./Treasurer) started J&L Sanchez, Inc. and provided a new focus on implementing procedures within the company to ensure that they would meet and exceed their customer service and quality expectations.  This focus continued with the addition of many highly skilled electricians.

Today J&L Sanchez is recognized as one of the leading electrical companies in Florida, providing the highest quality products, performance, service and solutions in the electrical contracting industry.  This goal is accomplished by teamwork with customer satisfaction, integrity and value being the highest priority.

Our electrical construction services include: high/medium voltage, limited energy (data/communications, cctv/security, fire alarm, card access), small service call and A/V interactive systems.  Our areas of expertise include work at Industrial, Commercial, Waste/Water, Hospital and Institutional/School facilities.. 


Landscape Lighting
     Pathway Lights
     Spot/Flood Lights
     LED Lights

Light Emitting Diode (LED)
     6 inch Recessed Lights
     4 inch Recessed Lights
     Accent Lights

Drop Ceiling Lighting
     T8 Flourescent Fixtures
     T5 Flourescent Fixtures
     LED Fixtures

Outdoor/Security Lighting
     Motion Lights
     Wall Packs

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