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We started as a one man show in 2004

At 25 years of age the owner Jarrett Sanchez wanted to become the contractor. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, with 62 years of family business backing him up, word quickly got around about Jarrett's talent and trustworthiness, and soon the business-side became a full-time job unto itself.

With the company up and running the business grew. Now with a total of six employed staff, apprentices and licensed electricians, J & L Sanchez Inc. is keeping hold of that not so big but powerful concept. We have strived to keep a close eye on detail and maintaining the quality with our growth keeping the Power of Perfection our standard practice.

As the years have passed and J & L Sanchez's good standing and business grew, Jarrett and wife Lisa, hired many skilled electricians and apprentices. But they were careful never to let the business get so big that they couldn't be personally involved in some capacity with each job.

Today, in the business's fifth year, the same formula of superior electrical work, outstanding customer service, and affordable prices has made J & L Sanchez Inc. the premier and favorite electrical contractor in Bay Area. Lisa and or Jarrett still answer the phone in the office and coordinate each job. In addition to supervising the staff of electricians and apprentices, Jarrett still also makes service calls. (In fact, if you call us with an emergency, the electrician who often comes out will be our owner, Jarrett.)

Favorite electrical contractor in Bay Area

Power of Perfection